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Objectives of the Project

  1. To develop an innovative methods and systems of monitoring the technical state of construction,
  2. To increase the number of legally protected new technological solutions through patent applications generated by the project
  3. To upgrade the skills of researchers by increasing the number of academic degrees obtained as a result of the project,
  4. To improve the safety of users of facilities and equipment monitored by the developed systems,
  5. To extend the lifespan of monitored objects and facilities and to reduce their failure frequency,
  6. To reduce the social costs associated with building disasters, accidents or periodic closures of objects,
  7. To rationalize the costs of facilities’ maintenance and repair,
  8. To modernise research facilities of research institutions involved in the Project,
  9. To strengthen cooperation between R&D sphere and economy through cooperation between entrepreneurships of various industries,
  10. To increase innovation and competitiveness of Polish enterprises benefitting from the developed technological innovations,
  11. To increase the share of innovative products of the Polish economy in the international market,
  12. To enhance the role of Polish science in the economical development.

The implementation of the Project will not only lead to acquiring new knowledge but will also contribute to significant improvement in building and devices’ users safety as well as to the development of Polish economy and science and will have a significant impact on the pace of socio-economic development of the country.